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I know many people, like my family and I, enjoy watching the nightly national news to see what’s going on in our country and even the world. That’s nice and all but sometimes it’s beneficial to obtain news from a smaller scale, or a hyper local news site.

Tampa is a decently sized city with an incredible population. Many take pride in their city and like to keep up with what’s happening and changing in their community. One of my favorite outlets for what’s going on in the Tampa Bay area is ABC Action news. They are televised almost all day everyday, have a very updated and reliable website and they also have a mobile app for your phone. It covers not just Tampa as a city but also its outskirts as well. You can visit them here:

Another one that I recently found was a news site for Carrollwood Village. Carrollwood is a small suburb right outside of Tampa. I live in the Carollwood area and was surprised to find a news site dedicated to this small area. Their website can be found here:

Finally, one more that I found was for the suburb known as Lutz. It’s north on Carrollwood and is for those who like a little more space and some countryside. They too have a news site dedicated to what goes on and it can be found here:


Scanning The MRI Tech

So, my interview with a tattoo artist didn’t go as planned. I struggled and though, “what am I going to do.” I was frustrated but then I thought to myself, why not use the resources you do have. I got in touch with my manager asking if an MRI technician was interested in being interview and sure enough, she came through. This is a short narrative created from the interview I had with Kimi, the MRI tech at Tower. “As I walked down one of Tower’s busy hallways, I’m obligated to try to make myself smaller than I already am. There is so much going on, so many people walking every which way. I made my way to the MRI room, or den if you will, to see the closed MRI tech Kimi. She looks busy yet determined. I asked her how her day was and if she had been busy. She looked and me and gave me a smile. “You have no idea.” Kimi has been an MRI tech for ten years and says she thoroughly enjoys her job. “It’s not what I’ve always wanted to do but I enjoy it. Being able to help people get better makes it all worth it.” MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) machines are able to see through the skin and take a look at tissue and bone. They help in the process of diagnosing many diseases such as cancer and can find tears in muscles.”

Tower Logo

The Interview

As I stated before, this blog was created solely so an academic purpose. This upcoming week I have to pick someone to interview and write a story on them based on their answers.

The rubric on this interview has many guidelines such as why is this story relevant and how does it relate to students at HCC. I sat thinking for a while, what could possibly be around here that could interest or even affect the students here (here as in the students who attend the HCC campus in Ybor)? As I left my class on Tuesday I continued to brainstorm. I walked down the hallway and down the stairs to a door that exited facing 9th Avenue down in Ybor city. I looked up to observe my surroundings when my eye caught the corner building across 9th. The printed window read “Ybor City Tattoo Company.” I thought to myself, “That’s it!”

Could you imagine the stories and the information I could get from one of those artists? I immediately started thinking of questions to ask. When’s the best time to get a tattoo? How do you deal with all the pressure? What’s your favorite drunk tattoo story? To me (and them too I assume), the possibilities were endless. From my experience this far, now is the time when people are starting to find themselves and what their interests are. It is also a time where people are legal to get their own tattoo without consent from Mom and Dad. This interview could be extremely beneficial to any students who have questions and interests in tattoos. My plan is to go by there one day this week after class and set up a meeting. Stay tuned for the stories, information and maybe even deals that come from this interview!Ybor city Tattoo


Hello! My name is Jordan McMullen and I am going to be posting a weekly blog post for my mass communications class. I am 19 years old and in my second year of college. Although this is just an assignment, I’m hoping that this blog can help me gain some knowledge in the field of Journalism. Syd n Me

I was born and raised in Tampa and I love everything about it. The weather, the proximity, the atmosphere. In my opinion Tampa is a pretty unique place and I’m lucky to be a part of a city such as itself. I have a younger sister who I am very close with and dog who is my very best friend. Continue reading